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Mount your ISOs without rebooting using Magic Disc

magic-discI hate carrying around CDs at dealerships I support.  Its cumbersome and I always end up leaving CDs in the drives, never to be found again.  Its also a pain when the CD you didnt think you needed, but now do is in another binder.  As a solution I first tried copying the contents of CDs to network shares, but later found some discs that work better as CDs.  So my next solution would be making an image and mounting it to a virtual CD drive.

Now just about every system admin has mounted at least 1 ISO to in their lifetime, be it Windows, Office or the latest pirated game they just downloaded.  There are many available software packages out there that do a great job of mounting ISOs from built in shell extensions to full out burning suites which include an ISO mounting add-in.  So what makes Magic Disc so special?  The ability to install and mount an ISO without having to reboot.  This was the decision making factor  for my choice in mounting software.  As an added bonus the install is pretty minimal, so I just leave it on the root of the ISO network share that is in each branch.

So throw your old scrateched up CDs back in their binder and give Magic Disc a try.  Oh and did I mention its FREEWARE ?


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