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Adobe Installer VS. IE

A little while back I got called out to one of our branch sites on an issue concerning Adobe Flash.  Every time the installer tried to run it would kick IE 8 back to compatibility view and then pop up with a memory exception error.  I tried just about all the fixes I found online, from registry edits to patches.  In the end it was a very simple fix.  under the advanced tab in internet settings there is an option to “turn off memory protection”.  A quick restart of IE and no more Adobe installer problems!  Figured I would post this here as I had to sift through pages of Google results before I found something describing this fix.  Hopefully you find this post quicker and it helps out a bit!

  1. Ross
    August 15, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    interesting. I had a similar issue with installing some Netgear VPN software through the browser. I ended up completely turning off Data Execution Protection, but I’m thinking this would have been an easier fix. Thanks!

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