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Ricky Recommends Logitech’s Illuminated Keyboard

April 3, 2009 Leave a comment

logitech_illuminated_keyboard_2So my good ol buddy Hoolio needed a bit of spice added to his blog, so he thinks the ever so famous “Ricky Recommends” should make an appearance. I dont really remember how i started Ricky Recommends but i would imagine i was drinking at the time, but basically i recommend a bunch of stuff ranging from products and much much more. So here it goes.

So for my first Ricky Recommends on Hools’ blog i have to Recommend Logitech’s Illuminated Keyboard. The keyword in all of that is Illuminated and it all started back when we bought the new Dell E6400 Series laptops at work. These laptops came with a backlit keyboard. Now a feature such as lit up keys can sound kinda neat but its not until you really start to use it and then go back to a different PC and not have it that you really appreciate it. I mean being able to easily type in the dark is great and if type anything like i do you will find it a great benefit and timesaver. Hoolio knows what im talking about. So when I seen Logitech was releasing a desktop keyboard that had illuminating features i was all over it. I was eyeballing it for about 6 months before i got it and i have to say since i have gotten it i like it.

Like any keyboard that you first start using you will need to get use to it. and once you do you will definitely appreciate the ability to type in the dark especially if your a user that doesn’t use much light. They Keyboard is self is about the same size as the average keyboard lengthwise but it less than a CM thick. Its a very neatly laid out and nice clean package to have on your desk and it looks very nice. It comes with all the function and media keys for Media and different operations in Windows that a keyboard should and with the use of Logitech’s SetPoint software the media buttons are completely customizable. Standard USB connection will ensure compatibility with any kind of PC out there and Logitech famous Warranty will keep your mind at ease for 3 years. The downer i have experienced with this keyboard to date is that the keys are smoother then an average keyboard and i believe this has to do with the Illumination features as the E6400 is the same way. These smoother keys take some getting use to but over time it shouldn’t be a problem. The keyboard is priced around 80 – 130 dollars which seems costly for a wired keyboard but it really all comes down to the old saying you get what you pay for, and having Illuminated keys is definitely a feature i don’t mind paying for. So to conclude the first ever Ricky Recommends on The Anigan blog, Ricky Recommends Logitech’s Illuminated Keyboard.