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Cisco Console Madness!

April 3, 2009 Leave a comment

patch-pannelRecently I did some hardware upgrades to our backbone, replacing aged 2600 routers with 2800 series.  Durring this process, I re-arranged our VLANS a bit and concequently had to move our Cisco WAPs to the new VLAN.  Now with 8 APs spread across a building and some high enough to need a SkyJack to access the console this could have beena  time consuming process.  Luckly I had an ace up my sleve.  Durring the initial install of the APs, I had our wireing company run 2 drops per device, one for Ethernet, the other for the console.

Long story short, I was standing next to the patch pannel programming each AP and thinking this would be a great standard practice for all of our CISCO devices.  Food for thought~